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Does Compac Homes sell cabins in kit sets or shells?

Unfortunately we do not sell kit sets or shells.

How does a Compac cabin connect to the power?

All our cabins have an electrical COC – Code of Compliance.They come with an outdoor caravan plug, which connects via a caravan lead to the existing power source at your site.If there is no existing power source you can employ an electrician to install a builder’s temp (pole/box) for a power connection or go solar.

How does a Compac cabin connect to the water supply?

The self-contained cabins are connected to a current household tap connection or can be hard connected by a plumber of your choice once the cabin is delivered.

How do we deal with our wastewater?

There are many options to deal with your wastewater. You can employ a plumber to connect your wastewater to an existing septic tank. However, most of our customers prefer to upgrade to a macerating system which helps to deal with all the water and solid waste through one pipe. This pipe can then pump the waste to an existing septic tank or gully trap.If there is no existing septic tank and you’re not planning to get one installed, you can upgrade to a composting or incinerating toilet.

Do I need Code of Compliance?

Applicable legislation is determined depending on what you intend to do with your cabin.Our cabins are sold as a vehicle under the Land Transport Act 1998. If the cabin remains a moveable structure, it is not considered a building under the definition of Section 8 of the Building Act.  Our cabins are sold with wheels, a removable drawbar, and can be disconnected with ease from the power, water, and waste systems. You should get an understanding of council requirements to determine whether or not a Resource Consent is required for your proposed site. All Compac Homes are constructed to meet the requirements of  The New Zealand Building Code and can secure Council consent if required. Additional expenses may apply based on factors such as wind, earthquake, and climate zoning of the site. Please feel free to discuss your site requirements with our Design Consultants.

Can I make my cabin into a permanent dwelling?

Yes. All Compac Homes are constructed to meet the requirements of The New Zealand Building Code and can secure Council consent if required. Additional expenses may apply based on factors such as wind, earthquake, and climate zoning of the site.

How do I start?

Visit our site and view our show homes 5 days-a-week, or pop out to one of our open days, held on a Saturday once a month.  Check out our Facebook events page here for more information on upcoming open days.Once you have seen our show homes and decided on a size to suit your needs, you can sit down with our design team and discuss a high-level plan including layout, joinery placement and the build inclusions you are looking for (double glazing, heat pump etc), and we can provide you with a quote.

How do I secure a spot on the build schedule?

Once you’re satisfied with the detailed plans and quote we have provided you, and you wish to proceed, you will need to sign a Sale and Purchase Agreement. A 30% deposit is required with the return of the signed Agreement and the balance of the contract price is required prior to delivery.

Can I choose materials and colours?

Absolutely! We have a huge range of options to choose from. Our design consultants would love to help you select your colours and finishes such as paint, benchtops, and flooring to add a personal flare to your build.

Can I choose appliances?

Yes you can, our standard spec includes a standard range of appliances and fittings, all of which can be upgraded to suit your functional and design style needs.

Can I provide my own fixtures and fittings?

We prefer to use our suppliers for the larger items; however, we are happy for you to provide small items such as bathroom mirrors and pendant lighting.

How much will my cabin cost to build?

On our custom-built cabins’ menu, you can find our standard pricing and build inclusions. In saying that, no two cabins we build are ever the same, and of course we want you to customise your cabin to suit your own style and functional needs.Visit us to obtain a personalised quote with build inclusions that are important to you.

How do you structure your pricing?

We work on a ‘standard pricing + upgrades’ model. Each cabin size has a standard price, with standard build inclusions. We then add items that are important to you. Our pricing is very transparent, from the standard build cost each additional upgrade is itemised, so you can select or remove items that are important to you, which allows you to stay within your budget.

What is required for a deposit?

Once you are happy with your plan and quote, we require a 30% deposit to be paid prior to starting your detailed plan and building. The balance is then due prior to delivery of the cabin.

Do you provide finance options?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide finance.  However, if you call one of our Design Consultants, they will be happy to discuss some ways that other customers found solutions.

When can you start building my cabin?

Your build is given a scheduled start and approximate delivery date on payment of a deposit. Your delivery date is confirmed once you are close to the start of your build.

How long does it take to build a cabin?

Our cabins take approximately 4 weeks to build, however this depends on lead times for materials and staffing levels. As with any building project we can come across situations that are out of our control;  however we keep in touch around timing as much as we can.

Can I get regular updates during my build process?

Can I get regular updates during my build process?

How will you transport my completed cabin to my site?

We use a trusted contractor to transport your cabin to you, and once on site our experienced Compac Homes’ team will position your cabin in your chosen location.

How much does delivery cost?

This is very dependent on the size of your cabin, distance, time, and the individual site access etc.  We will work with you to determine a delivery cost using satellite imagery, any provided photos/videos, or for more difficult sites we can complete a site visit.

How do I know if my site is suitable for a Compac Homes Cabin?

Have a chat to one of our Design Consultants about your unique site. If your site has potential access issues or is not straight forward, we can use satellite imagery or complete a site visit to assess its suitability. Rest assured we are very experienced with siting our cabins and have delivered to some pretty tricky places!

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